The Roots of Tradition

In 1976 Galadriel and Athanor met Lady Rhea and began taking classes with her in the Atlanta area. Lady Rhea, who had been initiated into a Family Tradition which came from the Middle Eastern area, was working with priests from two other Celtic Pagan groups, and the classes offered comprised subjects common to all three Craft traditions. Following the end of classes, Galadriel and Athanor moved to Florida, where they were later married in 1978. Following the birth of their first child and their move back to Atlanta in 1979, they began training once again under Lady Rhea. At this time they also began teaching classes under her direction. Galadriel and Athanor received their priest and priestess initiations at Litha, 1980, and the Grove of the Unicorn was established.

The Beginning of the Unicorns

The Unicorn Tradition was established at the Summer Solstice, 1980 by Lady Galadriel and Lord Athanor under the guidance of their Elder Mother, Lady Rhea. The Unicorn Tradition is essentially an eclectic one, rooted in the family tradition through which Galadriel and Athanor received their training and initiations from Lady Rhea and combined with elements of the modern Witchcraft revival movement.

Galadriel and Athanor received their Eldership from Lady Rhea in December of 1984. Through the years the Grove of the Unicorn continued to grow with more seekers coming through the doors.  In time, the group grew and branched off with different groups and the Grove of the Unicorn became a Unicorn Tradition composed of groups and individuals with the same fundementals of training, beliefs, and practices.

In 2006, Lady Arden, a Unicorn Tradition Priestess was elevated to the level of Elder by Lady Rhea and Lord Athanor, and after Galadriel crossed the veil, Arden was installed as Tradition Matriarch.  From 2006, until he crossed the veil in 2010, Athanor served as a spiritual partner to Arden and continued on as Magus for the Unicorn Tradition.

The Unicorn Tradition Today

Today Arden continues to serve as Matriarch and tends to the energetic, spiritual, and business aspects of the Unicorn Tradition in consult with Lord Lugh, her Priest and spiritual partner, and Lady Rhea, Tradition Elder as well as other Unicorn Tradition and community Priests and Priestesses. The Unicorn Tradition continues to serve as a resource and foundation for those who choose to walk upon the tradition’s path and serve within the tradition’s temple.

Individual Unicorn Tradition members and groups are active in activities and organizations in their communities, including Covenant of the Goddess, The Pagan Pride Project, Witch’s Ball activities, community Round table meetings, Our Freedom, Interfaith activities, and others. Annual events include Autumnfest, an annual harvest festival and gathering in the North Ga mountains, and Atlanta Pagan Pride Day, for which the Unicorn Tradition is a sponsor.