The Thirteen Virtues of the Wicca

The Thirteen Virtues of the Wicca

The virtues and their commentaries are listed as they were given to Lady Galadriel and Lord Athanor, founders of the Unicorn Tradition. They were told that this is the standard of ethics all initiates, priests, and priestesses should strive to attain. As far as is known, these are unique to the Tradition and have not been encountered elsewhere, either in print, or in the original teachings of other traditions.

  1. Tolerance– a form of wisdom, which allows you to refrain from passing judgment
  1. Charity– love, compassion and mercy, combined with an interest in the welfare of others
  1. Humility– true humility is the result of strength, and the absence of arrogance and pride
  1. Devotion- the dedication of oneself to an ideal or cause
  1. Patience– the facility for being calm and composed during suffering or provocation, or while performing demanding or boring tasks
  1. Kindliness– a sincere desire never to hurt another person or thing; consideration of another’s feelings, and the demonstration of gentleness and sympathy
  1. Forbearance- serenity of mind under provocation; it demonstrates self-possession, and is an exercise in humility
  1. Sincerity– the absence of deceit or hypocrisy, the desire to learn and practice that which is just and true
  1. Courage- deliberate mental determination in the face of danger, it is the product of reason, and is distinct from bravery: Fools are brave, wise men and women are courageous.
  1. Precision– exactness, accuracy and definitiveness
  1. Efficiency- the ability to deal with your surrounding environment with a minimal expenditure of time, energy and materials
  1. Discrimination- the ability to discern the motives of others. True discrimination is the ability to see the real truth in any given situation.
  1. Wisdom- knowledge, tested by experience, and matured by understanding