To all my brothers and sisters-

I wish to personally thank you all for the support you gave Metis, myself and my group during this past week. As you know, Katt died at 2:37 AM on Friday Oct. 22. Your messages were all read to her, although some were done while she was unconscious. They brought her (and myself) much comfort.

I have attended several deaths over the years, but without a doubt, this was the most beautiful, inspirational, and faith affirming death I have ever had the privilege to attend. For those who are interested, and for my own processing, I offer this synopsis…

About 9:30 I went home for a nap, as I was exhausted. I got approx. 3 hours of sleep before the phone rang, telling me that Katt did not have too much longer. They sent someone to get me, as I didn’t know if I could drive. When I reached the hospital, she had awakened and was desperately trying to talk to us, but unable to get anything other than sounds out – no words. Her frustration kept increasing as she tried to communicate and it was obvious we did not understand. I announced that I was here now, took her hand and linked with her. At that point, someone else said “Katt, we know you are trying to tell us something important – don’t try to say it with words – just feel it in your heart, and we will know” She began to quiet, and I began to hear the stream of messages she was trying to give to the gathered people.

When that was done, she relaxed some more as I promised to deliver them all. At that point, my teacher, who passed last February, appeared as well, to help her in her passage. I began to talk to Katt, helping her to release her body, starting at the feet and moving up to her head. When we finished, she was smiling. I then began a litany as follows:

Blessed be the earth which formed her body in beauty and strength.
Blessed be the waters, which were the tides of her emotions.
Blessed be the air, which gave her breath, and her mind
Blessed be the fire, which gave her will and passion.
Blessed be the spirit, which bound them all together.
Blessed be Our Lady, the womb and the tomb for us all
Blessed be our Lord, Guide and guardian in the Otherworlds
Blessed be the stars, which gave us her soul and filled it with light.

After the third repetition, she drew her last breath, and died with a small smile upon her face. I was very conscious of myself and my teacher literally putting her into the arms of the Lady. I had to struggle to return to earth consciousness. Apparently I smiled and said – The caterpillar has left the cocoon, and become the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen! (I don’t remember saying that tho). The entire room was filled with soft glowing light. Besides Katt, there was a total of 13 people in the room with her, many who had never attended a death before. They were awestruck…

After about 10 minutes, myself, my maiden, and two of my women initiates, washed her , anointed and sealed her,and dressed her. (We used the prayer from Macha’s book, which was great). As we did this, we had Gass’s We all come from the Goddess tape playing in the background. What a deep and loving experience this was- we were all so moved by it- both its intimacy, and its sacredness. When we finished, everyone came back in to take a look – and Katt was radiant!

Tonight (Sunday) we will be doing our farewell ritual. Anyone who would like to link is welcomed. Once again, we thank you all for the energy, love, and beautiful thoughts you sent. May you all receive blessings manifold for your caring and compassion.

A very weary, but satisfied priestess