Most Unicorn Tradition groups, and some individual Priestesses and Priests, periodically offer classes to those who are interested in learning more about our Tradition or in joining a UT group.

Seeker Classes

These are introductory classes which are designed to provide a general overview of our beliefs and practices.  This is a basic 101 class which may be a bit of a review for the more advanced student but which includes some important fundamental information about our tradition and which serves as an important step in getting one acclimated to working with a UT teacher or group.

These classes usually last for around 13 weeks, depending on scheduling.

Neophyte Classes

These classes are available to those who taken the seeker class and who have been invited to, and agreed to, officially join a group or continue on with a teacher as a Neophyte student. These classes offer a more in depth training for those students who are continuing on, including those who are working toward first degree initiation.

Neophyte classes generally run for longer than a year.

Initiate Classes

These classes are for all levels of initiates.  The informational part of these classes runs for around a year and a half but the foundational component of the class is tailored to the initiates and is ongoing.

There are additional second and third degree training sessions but generally all initiates attend initiate classes.

Additional Classes

Occasionally additional classes and workshops are offered on supplemental topics of interest.