Within the Unicorn Tradition, Third Degree Initiates have the option of leaving the group they have trained in and starting their own group- this is known as “hiving off.”  The founding Witches of this new group decide the name of their group, how it will be run, and who they will train within it.  They may call their group a grove, a coven, a temple, a circle, or by another name.  Each group has its own distinct ‘flavor’, it’s own spirit, but all are guided by the Tradition and all have access to the wisdom of the Elders, here and in the Summerlands.

The following groups are active within the Unicorn Tradition

The Grove of the Unicorn – Atlanta, GA

The Sylvan Forest -Smyrna, GA (Also offers classes in Birmingham, Al)

The Grove of the Winged Scarab – Farwell, MI

The Spiral Cauldron – Canton, GA

Blue Lotus Grove – Atlanta, GA